What if?

Memorial Day Reflection

Today is a holiday in the United States when we take time to remember all the men and women who were engaged either directly in battle or indirectly through the war efforts. It is a time that we are to stop and reflect upon the freedoms that we do have and remember what others have sacrificed to make it possible. However, this should also be a day that we stop to remind ourselves of just how … [Read More...]

What is your plan?

Do You Have Intentions or Wishes?

Have you ever wished for something that didn't happen, even if it felt like the right thing to wish for? For example, let's say that you wished to go to a particular spot for vacation; or you wished that you had a college degree; or you wished that you had a better job. Why is it that these wishes do not come true? Is it because they are wishes, rather than intentions? An intention carries with … [Read More...]


A Chattering Mind

Several years ago, I was playing golf in Phoenix, Arizona. As I stood, ready to tee off at the first hole, a little prairie dog stuck his head up from a nearby hole, looked at me, and began to chatter madly. I was amused by this little creature and how seemingly unafraid he was of me. As I stood taking a couple of warm up swings with my golf club, he continued his chattering. At that point I … [Read More...]