Reinventing Ourselves

One of my favorite television programs is "Biography." As I watched a recent program, I noticed that there seemed to be a common theme running through these uncommon lives. After reaching a pinnacle of success, they encountered the down slope in their lives and careers. As I recalled the numerous biographical or autobiographical books that I have read, I realized that the reason that the books … [Read More...]

Grapes on Vine for Pruning

Pruning Your Success

I love grapes. I recently had the opportunity to sample some grapes still growing on the vine. They were sweet and delicious. I wondered what made a grape vine successful and productive. Now I understand that it is the same process that makes our lives successful, happy, and productive. The success of the grape vine and the production of juicy grapes are dependent upon the proper pruning of the … [Read More...]

Make it Happen

Experience the Power of Commitment

There is a common thread that runs through successful activities, a common trait among successful people, and the key to the achievement of goals. That thread and trait is commitment. Merely wishing that something will occur or hoping that an act will lead to success is not sufficient; there must also be a commitment. W.H. Murray, a man who climbed Mount Everest, offered the following insights … [Read More...]