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March 31, 2008

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"A Love Affair of the Heart"

This week ended a love affair of the heart I had for 14 years. This man in my life loved me unconditionally and unendingly. He loved me when I was at my best and forgave me when I was at my worst. He did not hold grudges when I yelled at him for small infractions, or when he displayed his displeasure with me and I in return chastised him.

He was his own person and was dignified up until the end of his life this week. He suffered with grace and taught me lessons that I thought that I had already discovered.

You may stop reading this when I reveal who this man is, dismissing the message as silly. I hope that you don't, because there are poignant and thoughtful questions that will follow. This "man" was a four legged one, a gray tabby cat, who had been part of our family for most of his 14 years of life.

As I cared for him during his recent illness and then struggled with the decision to end his life this week, I marveled at how accepting, loving and intelligent these "dumb animals" are. What would happen to us if we could be more like them?

What would our personal and professional lives be like if we demonstrated the same attributes that our pets share with us? What if our loved ones and our peers in the work place forgave us when we stumbled? What if we loved each other unconditionally rather than placing conditions on our love?

What if we greeted each other with the same enthusiasm and excitement when we came into contact with each other again, whether at the end of the day, the beginning of a work day or a month from now? What if we reached out wordlessly to another person who is hurting placing our arms around him or her, doing nothing but being there providing the comfort in the same manner of our more intelligent four legged friends?

I misspoke earlier in this message. I said that my love affair has ended. It has not. The memories of and lessons learned from my four legged friend will continue long after my broken heart heals. In his honor, I will make the commitment to be more unconditional in my love for and support of others as a legacy to Tigger.

Tigger: Thank you my furry friend for teaching me lessons that I needed to learn, for showing me how to approach the end of life with dignity and for understanding the pain of making that final decision to end your misery.

Affirmation for the Week:
“I will be more unconditional in my love for and support of others.”

Mary Rau-Foster, E-mail Mary

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